Sustainability - it’s a term that has gained a lot of press over the past few years. While it’s easy to see this movement as a cost reduction strategy that can be employed on many different levels in addition to a way to help preserve natural resources, the overall strategy is to use less material to achieve the same end.

In the packaging industry, it can mean a reduction of raw material being used in a product or the addition of more recycled content ensuring less virgin raw material is harvested from the environment.

A common myth is that paper isn’t being managed well with regard to tree management. In reality, the harvesting of trees is one of the most well calculated and a quite ecologically responsible alternative to plastics in the environment.

Recently institutes have been established ensuring that trees for the paper industry come only from sustainable sources. For this reason we only deal with companies that have passed the sustainable test for FSB and FSA. Check out this link for more information on sustainability in the industry.

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