In 1969, Rudy Niedermeier and Arthur Vietze combined their extensive knowledge in the packaging industry to start Valley Container. From the moment they began, their commitment to the customer has been the cornerstone of their success in the packaging industry. Over the years they expanded on their packaging background by starting Fluted Partition in 1973, Cell Pak in 1984, being a founding father partnering in NewCorr in 1991, Honey Cell in 1996 and Honey Cell Midwest in 2007.

Over that time, not only were the companies expanding but the family growing. The over 200 employees include the next generation of leaders of the company. Bill Vietze, Bob Vietze, Cary Peterson and Robert Niedermeier, who all grew up in the company, have cemented their positions in the companies to successfully bring the business well into the 21st century. Not only is the next generation ready to continue to grow, but more importantly, continue the founding principles of the companies founding fathers, Rudy and Art, namely -- the Customer Comes First.

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